If we have not been able to answer your question on this FAQ page, please do not hesitate to contact us on our hotline (852-9689 8835) or message us via Whatsapp or WeChat (852-9689 8835)

In the article, what time zone is referred to?

All times are in Hong Kong time zone.

I am unsure as to which district my pick-up or drop-off locations are.

If you cannot find your location, we suggest that you contact us for information.

I need transportation urgently, but I am unable to book a car; what should I do?

As our orders are arranged in advance with our drivers, we advise customers to book 1 day in advance. Should customers need urgent transportation without advance booking, we suggest you call us at least 3 hours ahead of the pick-up time for your booking. We will arrange your car as soon as possible.

Why is the price different from the original?

Some additional charges are included which had not been calculated or displayed, such as surplus waiting fines incurred for late passengers. Please refer to the terms to know more about additional charges. Please also contact us should you have any questions.

Are tunnel tolls included in the prices given on the website?

Yes, prices on the website do include tunnel and bridge tolls.

My driver has not contacted me and has not arrived to pick me up, what should I do?

Please contact us, we will arrange for a different vehicle for you as soon as possible.

I submitted my order but would like to change details, such as car type or destination; what should I do?

24 -hour notice before pick-up time is required should order details be changed. Once changed, please ensure to obtain confirmation. An additional amendment charge of HKD200 and the difference will be applied.

How can I see my order history?

Please sign your account, the order details will be shown.

What do I do with the email confirmation that I received after confirming my order?

Please retain a copy of the email in your inbox. This will be used for identification upon pick-up.

I want to cancel my order and get a refund; what should I do?

We are unable to refund cancelled orders; please contact us to postpone a journey instead.

I missed my pick-up time; how will this be arranged?

The order will be cancelled, assuming that the passenger no longer requires transportation services, and the driver will leave. Refunds will not be provided.